Barclay James Harvest Archive

Barclay James Harvest Archive

This section of the BJH Web Site is intended to provide an on-line "library" of historic articles about the band, interviews, sheet music, MIDI files - anything which doesn't fit elsewhere in the site!

Dieser Teil der BJH Webseiten soll eine "Online-Bücherei" voller historischer Artikel über die Band, Interviews, Noten, MIDI-Files usw. darstellen - alles, was nirgendwo anders hinein passt!

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Sheet Music

Three books of BJH sheet music were published in the 1970s and 1980s, but are long since out of print. Details can be found in the BJH Bibliography.


Many thanks to Jean-Sébastien Chabannes for sending us a .pdf file with tabs for the following songs included:

MIDI Files

MIDI files kindly provided by David Witts, except *by Steve Turner and **by Ariel Brosh. Thanks, Steve, Ariel, David (and Marion!).


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