Barclay James Harvest Equipment

Barclay James Harvest Equipment


Included a Mk. 2 Mellotron (weighed 4 cwt!)

April 1970

("the band is having a new Mellotron made with just orchestral sounds, and need bigger amps!")

July 1973

(source: Melody Maker, 4th August, 1973)

John Lees:
Fender Dual Showman 85W amp, Fender Dual Showman cabinet, WEM Copicat echo unit, Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty, Fender Stratocaster, Gibson J45 Jumbo, Yamaha Jumbo, Harmony Stratatone, Selmer Steel Guitar, Rotosound Light King Strings

Les Holroyd:
Fender PS400 bass amp, two Fender PS400 cabinets, Gibson EB3 bass guitar, Gibson EB3 doubleneck guitar, Yamaha Jumbo, Gibson bass flatwound and Gibson Sonomatic light gauge strings. On records plays Hammond C3 and Bösendorfer Grand Piano

Woolly Wolstenholme:
Fender Bandmaster 40W amp, Fender Bandmaster cabinet, two H&H 100W amps, four 2 x 15 WEM cabinets, Mellotron 300 effects console, WEM ER100 amp, Hohner Pianet N, Mini-Moog Synthesiser, Rickenbacker and Gibson B25 12-string guitars with Darco strings

Mel Pritchard:
Ludwig 20" and 22" bass drums, Hayman 14" wooden snare drum, Ludwig 14" orchestral silver snare drum, two Ludwig 14" tom-toms, one each size 12", 13", 16" and 18". Cymbals are Paiste 16" crash and 18" ride, Zildjian 16" crash and 18" ride, Paiste 20", Zildjian 12" hi-hats, Ludwig stands, Mamelock C special sticks, two African drums

Marshall 2000W comprising four 2 x 15 bass-loaded bins, four 2 x 15 range bins, four Vitavox horns, four 1 x 15 wedge monitors, twelve Marshall 250W slave amps, Marshall 12-channel stereo audio mixer; four AKG D1200E, six AKG D190E and two AKG D224E mics

For orchestral gigs, the PA is:
Marshall 10,000W system hired from MEH, and comprising four 2 x 15 RCA bass bins, sixteen 1 x 15 Marshall bass bins, eight 2 x 5 Marshall mid-range bins, eight JBL 2480 low mid-range horns, four JBL 2482 low mid-range horns, four JBL 2440 high mid-range horns, eight JBL 075 Hi-Note horns, eight JBL 2420 Hi-Note horns, plus 1,000W monitor system consisting of two eliminators, four 2 x 12 wedges with 2470 horns, four 1 x 15 wedges, two 4 x 112 bass cabinets, two audio mixers linked to make 30 channels, thirty AKG mics (four D22, ten D1200E and sixteen D190E), one P400 auto-phaser, one Binson echo unit.


(source: NME, 7th September, 1974)

Mel has two separate kits. On stage he uses a 22" Ludwig super bass drum, 13" and 14" mounted tom-toms, a 16" x 18" floor tom-tom (all Ludwig). There's also a 1958 12" by 14" tom-tom, again Ludwig, which he occasionally uses, and a 20" bass drum for studio work.

"I'm thinking now of doing a double kit. I have a double set-up in the rehearsal room."

He has an Avedis-Zildjian hi-hat and Paiste cymbals which include a 20" ride, an 18" crash and a 22" crash. The hi-hat pedal is a Ludwig and the cymbal stands are Rogers, although he says there's not much to choose between the various makes. His bass drum pedal is Japanese and is called a Rare Bird.


(source: Sounds, February 22nd, 1975)

2000W, six 4 x 15 JBL cabinets, six twin 375 JBL lanse horns, four Crown DC300 amp racks, foldback 500W Marshall rack, four 1 x 15 Marshall speakers, mics: four Unidine MK.1V; two AKG D224; three AKG D1200E; seven AKG D190E. Mixer: 24-channel Midas Murray with double track facilities.

Woolly Wolstenholme:
Mellotron 300, Mini-Moog, Lawrence piano with Thomas electronics modifications, two WEM 2 x 12 cabinets, Fender Bandmaster cabinet, WEM ER 100W amp, H&H IC 100W amp, H&H ICS 100W amp, WEM Copicat

Les Holroyd:
PS400 bass amp, two 18" Jensen reflex cabinets, Gibson doubleneck EB3/SG standard, Gibson EB3 bass

John Lees:
Fender Dual Showman amp, Fender speaker cabinet, WEM Murray ADT Copicat, Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty remake, Fender Stratocaster with Humbucker pickups

Mel Pritchard:
22" bass drum, 14" x 10" top tom-tom, 13" x 8" top tom-tom, 16" x 18" floor tom-tom, 18" x 18" floor tom-tom, 13" x 7" snare drum, two Zildjian 16" hi-hats, 18" Paiste crash, 20" Paiste crash ride cymbal, 22" Paiste crash.


(source: Sounds, 8th November, 1975, 1975 tour programme)

Mel Pritchard:
Ludwig Silver Sparkle kit, including: 14" x 7" orchestral snare, 22" bass drum, 13" mounted tom-tom, 14" mounted tom-tom, 16" mounted tom-tom, 18" mounted tom-tom. Pair of 14" hi-hats (Zildjian), 20" Paiste crash cymbal, 18" Paiste ride, 16" Paiste crash, 18" Paiste light sizzle cymbal, 18" Paiste crash-ride cymbal, Rogers and Ludwig stands.

Les Holroyd:
Fender P5 400 bass amp and two cabinets, Fender Bandmaster amp, Gibson doubleneck (EB3/SG), Alembic custom stereo bass

John Lees:
Fender Dual Showman - reverb, Fender Stratocaster (Alembic custom), Fender Stratocaster, Rickenbacker 12-string, Watkins-Thomas echo

Woolly Wolstenholme:
Hammond C3 and Leslie cabninet, Solina string ensemble, Mellotron 300, Mellotron 400, Lawrence piano, Mini-Moog, WEM Copicat, H&H combo, two H&H amps plus an interesting selection of foot-pedals

Six JBL 4 x 15" cabinets, twelve JBL 375 Lens horns, four Crown D300 amps, one Crown D300A amp, Midas 20-channel mixing desk, two Akai 4000DS ADT machines, two Gibson Echoplex. Monitors: Thomas 6 into 4 mixer, four Thomas 15" + horn cabinets, two Crown D150 amps.


(source: 1978 tour programme and FOBJH newsletter #7)

Woolly Wolstenholme:
Mellotron 1a, Mellotron 300, Mellotron 400, ARP Pro-Soloist synthesiser, ARP String Ensemble, Mini-Moog synthesiser, Hammond C3 organ with two Leslie speakers, Hammond L122 organ, Lawrence Audio piano, Concert grand piano, H&H 1C 100 combo, H&H 1C 100 amp, H&H 1C 100S amp, three H&H 2 x 12" DC cabinets, H&H 15" PA bin, H&H radial horn.
Gibson B25 12-string, Gibson ES335 12-string, Guild F212 12-string, Fender electric 12-string.

Les Holroyd:
Alembic short scale stereo custom bass, Gibson doubleneck EB3/SG, Gibson '76 Thunderbird, Gibson EB3, Epiphone Texan acoustic guitar, Iida five-string banjo, two Fender reflex bass cabinets, Fender PS400 amp, Fender Bandmaster amp and cabinet, Murray pedalboard with wah/volume/fuzz, MXR 100 phaser.

John Lees:
Gibson "Cherry Sunburst" Les Paul custom, Sunburst Fender Stratocaster with Alembic electronics, Blonde Fender maple neck Stratocaster with two Gibson Humbuckers, Gold Fender Stratocaster, Fender maple neck Telecaster, Travis Bean, Gibson J45, Ibanez 12-string, Epiphone 6-string with Barcus Berry pickup, Yamaha FG140, Fender/Gauss twin reverb, H&H/Murray echo, Murray pedalboard with wah/volume/MXR 90 phaser/distortion/dynacomp, Fender Dual Showman amp and cabinet.

Mel Pritchard:
Ludwig "Super Classic" silver sparkle kit which includes: 22" and 20" bass drums, 18", 16" and 14" floor toms, 14", 13" and 12" tom-toms, Ludwig 6½" orchestral snare, Hayman snare, Zildjian and Paiste cymbals, 8 Rototoms, 6" - 20", Premier Timbales and cow bells, Arbiter Auto-Tune kit, set of Premier Vibes, pair LP Congas, Vibra-slap, Guiro, Cabassa.

6,000W JBL system, driven by Crown/Amcron, eight 075 tweeter, six 4 x 15" JBL cabinets, six 2 x 375 JBL double lens horns, six 1 x 15" bass bins, four H4000 Gauss radial horns, two Gauss long-throw horns, four JBL wedge monitors, Midas 20 into 2 mixer with 3-way crossover, Murray 6 into 4 monitor mixer, Midas 16 into 8 monitor mixer, two JBL side monitors.

Vocals: Shure Unidyne 4, Shure SM58
Drums: AKG 1200E, AKG 2000, AKG 224E, AKG D12, Shure SM58
Bass: AKG 1200E (top), AKG 2000E (bass)
Guitars: AKG 224E and direct injection
Keyboards: organ - 2 x AKG 2000E and direct injection, Mellotrons - AKG 2000E and direct injection, ARP Pro - direct injection, Soloist/Moog/Solina - direct injection, piano - direct injection

Special Effects:
AMS phaser, H&H echo, two Gibson echoplexes, two Murray/Akai ADT machines, Roland space echo, master room reverb, dynamic sibilance reducer, Formula Sound half octave graphic equaliser

February 1992

(source: Handle Artists)

Paiste 2002 Cymbals: 1 x 22'' ride cymbal; 1 x 22'' crash cymbal; 1 x 20'' heavy ride cymbal; 2 x 20'' crash cymbal; 1 x 20'' China-type cymbal; 1 x 17'' crash cymbal, 1 x 15'' ride cymbal. Paiste ride cymbals: 1 x 22'' ride crash cymbal; 1 x 18'' crash ride cymbal; 1 x 14'' matched pair hi-hats. Paiste 602 cymbals: 1 x 17'' thin crash cymbal. Paiste 404 cymbals: 1 x 16'' crash cymbal. Zildjian cymbals: 1 x 20'' crash cymbal; 1 x 20'' sizzle ride cymbal; 1 x 16'' crash cymbal; 1 x 14'' matched pair hi-hats. 1 x Linn Drum 1; 1 x Linn Drum 2; 1 x Set Premier Tubular Bells; 1 x Set premier Vibes; 6 x Seat Tops; 3 x Seat Stands; 1 x Ludwig Snare Stand; 1 x Beverley Snare Stand; 1 x Pearl Snare Stand; 1 x Snare Stand; 1 x Pearl bass Drum pedal; 1 x Tama Bass Drum Pedal. Burgundy Pearl Drum Kit: 1 x 22'' Bass drum; 1 x 20'' Bass Drum; 1 x 18'' Floor Tom Tom; 1 x 16'' Floor Tom Tom; 1 x 15'' Tom Tom; 1 x 14'' Tom Tom; 1 x 13'' Tom Tom; 1 x 12'' Tom Tom; 1 x 10'' Tom Tom; 1 x 8'' Tom Tom. Ludwig Drum Kit (Blonde): 1x 6''x14'' Snare drum; 1 x 24'' Bass drum; 1 x 18'' Floor Tom Tom; 1 x 16'' Floor Tom Tom; 1 x 16'' Power Tom Tom; 1 x 15'' Tom Tom; 1 x 14'' Power Tom Tom; 1 x 14" Tom Tom; 1 x 13" Power Tom Tom; 1 x 13'' Tom Tom; 1 x 12'' Power Tom Tom; 1 x 12'' Tom Tom; 1 x 8'' Tom Tom; 1 x 6'' Tom Tom; 1 x 14'' Tom Tom; 1 x 10'' Tom Tom; 1 x 22'' Kick (Bass Drum). Ludwig Silver Classic: 1 x 22'' Bass drum; 1 x 20'' Bass Drum; 1 x 18'' Floor Tom Tom; 1 x 16'' Floor Tom Tom; 1 x 14'' Floor Tom Tom; 1 x 14'' Tom Tom; 1 x 13'' Tom Tom; 1 x 12'' Tom Tom. Snare Drums: 1 x 7''x14'' Ludwig Silver Snare; 2 x 5''x14'' Ludwig Silver Snare; 1 x 7''x14'' Pearl Chrome Snare; 2 x 5''x14'' Pearl Brass Snare. Premier Timbali: 1 x 13'' Timbali; 1 x 14'' Timbali. Miscellaneous: 1 x 7'' triangle; 3 x Wooden Sticks; 1 x Large, Thick Wooden Stick; 2 x Tom Tom Mallets (one New Era); 1 x Brass Beater; 2 x Crescent Tambourines (Rhythm Tech); 1 x 10'' Tambourine With Skin (L.P.); 1 x 10'' Tambourine With No Skin (L.P.); 1 x 10'' Tambourine - Woodn; 2 x 10'' Tambourines - Metal; 1 x Bell tree - Brass; 1 x Hi-Hat Rod; 1 x 8'' Triangle; 1 x Vibra Slap (Dungay & Davies); 1 x 8.5'' Ice Bell; 1 x Vibra Slap (L.P.); 1 x Set Sleigh Bells; 1 x Cabasa (L.P.); 1 x Pair Maracas (L.P.); 1 x Pair Wooden Maracas; 2 x 5'' Cow Bells (L.P.); 1 x 7.5'' Cow Bell (L.P.); 1 x 8'' Bongo Cow Bell (L.P.); 1 x Rattlesnake (L.P.); 1 x 6'' Temple Block; 1 x 4'' Temple Block; 1 x Hand-Held Cow Bell (L.P.); 8 x Pairs Paiste Drum Sticks; 2 x Silver Guaros; 7 x Cloth Bass Drum Pedals; 1 x Wooden Bass Drum Pedal; 6 x Blue headed Beaters (Premier); 1 x Blue Headed Beater (New Era); 2 x White Headed Beaters (New Era); 1 x Pair Paiste Hickory Sticks; 2 x Wooden Mallets; 1 x Black Headed Gong Mallet; 3 x Pairs Black Handled Brushes; 1 x Pair Yellow Handled Brushes; 1 x Wooden Gong Mallet; 1 x Pair Dark Brown sticks (Hickory); 1 x Pair Patterned Sticks (Wood).

Pedal Boards:
2 x Pedal Boards (Serial Numbers John 1 and John 2 containing:- 1 x Boss Rocker Wah PW1; 1 x Boss Rocker Volume PV1; 1 x Boss Chorus CE2; 1 x Boss Distortion DS1; 1 x Boss Phaser PH1 2 x Pedal Boards (Serial Numbers Les 1 and Les 2 containing:- 1 x Boss Rocker Wah PW1; 1 x Boss Rocker Volume PV1; 1 x Boss Chorus CB2; 1 x Boss Phaser PH1

1 x Mini Moog; 1 x Oberheim OBX; 1 x Roland Vocoder Plus; 1 x Roland Jupiter 6; 1 x Yamaha Electric Grand Piano CP80; 1 x Yamaha Synthesizer CS80; 1 x Sequential Circuits Poly Sequencer; 1 x Sequential Circuits Prophet 5; 2 x ARP Solina; 1 x EKO Bass Pedals; 1 x Fender Rhodes complete in cases


Fender: 1 x Rack containing: 3 x Bassman 135 Amplifiers; 1 x Dual Showman Reverb Amplifier Model TFL 5000X; 1 x Rack containing: 2 x Dual Showman Reverb Amplifiers; 1 x Rack containing: 2 x Dual Showman Reverb Amplifiers; 1 x Dual Showman 2 x 15'' 4 Ohm Speaker; 1 x Messa Boogie Amplifier 3 x 135 Bass Bins in Case; 1 x Roland Compurythm Model No. CR68; 1 x Roland Digital Delay Model No. SDE-3000; 1 x Sony Digital Audio Processor Model No. PCM 100; 1 x Sony Video Cassette Recorder (Betamax); 2 x Silver Wardrobe Cases; 2 x Brown Wardrobe Cases; 1 x Burman Flight Cased Combo; 1 x Flight Case 27; 1 x Flight Case for Dart Board and Bar; 1 x Case for Drum Parts; 1 x Case for Stage Fans and Rope Light; 2 x Yamaha Cabinets in Flight Cases; 1 x Case containing Bass Bin; 1 x Case containing Bass Bin; 1 x Case containing 2 x 12'' Guitar Cabinet; 1 x Case containing 2 x 12'' Guitar Cabinet; 1 x Butterfly!; 1 x Yamaha Cabinet in Flight Case; 1 x 4 x 12'' Cabinet; 1 x Case containing 3 x Echo Rolands; 1 x Yamaha Cabinet i Case; 2 x Wind Chimes; 1 x Brass Chimes; 48 x Assorted Flight Cases, plus miscellaneous stock held at any one time (i.e. spare drum skins, guitar strings, loudspeakers, misc. tools, etc.)

For more information about John's later instruments such as the Hamer and Parker Fly guitars, see John Lees' Guitars. See also the pages on Les's Alembic bass and Woolly's Mellotrons.

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