Barclay James Harvest Posters

Barclay James Harvest Poster Wall

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1968 Early Morning shop poster 1969 Manchester Houldsworth Hall flyer 1969 Plymouth Van Dike Club poster 1969 Newcastle Poly poster 1970 Köln Progressive Pop Festival poster 1971 EMI Switzerland poster 1971 Once Again promo poster 1971 Inferno poster 1971 Maidstone Art College poster 1971 Bristol Granary Club poster 1971 Weeley poster 1971 other short stories poster 1971 Harlow Tech poster 1972 Harvest promo poster 1972 Newcastle City Hall flyer 1972 Ipswich Civic College poster [photo: David Stanley] 1974 Leicester University poster 1974 Tour poster 1974 Hull City Hall poster 1975 Offenbach Stadthalle poster 1975 Time Honoured Ghosts poster 1975 Frankfurt Theater am Turm poster 1976 Octoberon poster 1976 Hanley Victoria Hall poster 1976 München Bürgerbräu (cancelled gig) poster 1977 München Circus Krone poster 1978 UK tour poster 1978 Ludwigshafen Friedrich-Ebert-Halle poster 1979 Dortmund Westfalenhalle poster 1980 Bremen Stadthalle poster 1981 Winterthur poster 1982 Australian Berlin album poster 1982 Offenburg Ortenauhalle poster 1983 Ring Of Changes poster 1984 French tour poster 1984 Mannheim Eisstadion poster 1984 unofficial poster 1987 Berlin Deutschlandhalle poster 1987 unofficial Face To Face poster 1990 Berlin Tempodrom poster 1992 Frankfurt Alte Oper poster 1993 Köln Tanzbrunnen poster 1993 Düsseldorf Philipshalle poster (cancelled tour) 1997 Bern Theater National poster (Barclay James Harvest's last-ever gig)

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