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New Date For Japanese Card Sleeve CDs

28th November, 2007

We've been told that the Japanese reproduction card-sleeve CDs of Barclay James Harvest, Once Again, ... and other short stories and Baby James Harvest have now been rescheduled for February 14th, 2008.

Japanese Card Sleeve Reissues Delayed

14th November, 2007

It's been announced that the planned Japanese card-sleeve remasters of the band's first four albums have been delayed until further notice. We'll update you if there are any developments.

Nigel Mazlyn Jones Update

14th November, 2007

Nigel Mazlyn Jones - Planet For $ale Nigel Mazlyn Jones, who supported BJH on their 1980 and 1984 tours, has a new charity project aimed at raising environmental awareness around the world. Part of the proceeds of his latest album, Planet For $ale, are being donated to this cause, and you can hear extracts from the album and learn more about the project at the following links:

YouTube video of TV programme about ‘Planet for $ale’

‘Planet for $ale’ web pages

'Planet for $ale’ charity donations

NMJ web shop

NMJ Acoustic Live video clip of ‘Ship to Shore’ and full length ‘Behind the Stone’

NMJ web site

Japanese Card Sleeve Reissues

1st September, 2007

EMI / Toshiba in Japan have announced the forthcoming release of remastered CDs of the band's four Harvest-label albums on November 28th. The CDs will be presented in miniature card reproductions of the original sleeves, but there is no information yet as to whether they will include the same bonus tracks as the UK remasters already on the market.

Acetates Under The Hammer!

30th August, 2007

Two 1968 BJH acetates were recently sold on auction site eBay, fetching over sixty Pounds each. The acetates (heavy test discs made for the band and a few record company executives) were a single-sided pressing of "Early Morning" and a double-sided disc of "Early Morning" and "Mr. Sunshine", and sold to a collector in Switzerland.

Amongst the other BJH items up for grabs on the same site is a copy of The Barclay James Harvest Story, our biography of the band which has been out of print for some time. See the eBay auction page for details. The site is well worth watching for the BJH fan, as they frequently have deleted CDs and vinyl on auction.

Two of John's Songs on US Charity CD

22nd August, 2007

Sweet Relief triple CD charity set Remastered versions of two John Lees songs from 1971 and 1983 appear on a new US-only Various Artists triple CD set, just released in aid of those suffering loss as a result of Hurricane Katrina. Sweet Relief includes John's original demos of "Brave New World" and "Star Bright", alongside contributions from other luminaries such as Anthony Phillips (Genesis), John Wicks and The Records, The Korgis, Klaatu and Shoes. The set is released by American label Jam Recordings, and we have a limited number for sale through this site - see our CD and DVD sales page for more info.

For more information about the project and the record label, please see: (The Jam Recordings Home Page) , and (Label owner Jeremy Morris's MySpace Page)

Congratulations To Les!

20th August, 2007

The web site of German newspaper the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger reports that at the Barclay James Harvest Featuring Les Holroyd concert in Zons on 17th August, Les was accompanied by his German girlfriend (a journalist/editor) and their nine-month old daughter, Christine. Many congratulations to all concerned! The original report (in German) can be read at

Mandalaband Update

3rd August, 2007

David Rohl paid a visit to the UK in July and met up with a number of old friends from the world of music. David and Woolly spent some time working on new material with Kim Turner, and Craig Fletcher is contributing some bass this week. David also took the opportunity to attend the weekend's "Spanfest" extravaganza with Steeleye Span and friends, whilst another musician already on board is Troy Donockley of folk-rock band Iona. In September or October Woolly will be heading for David's new studio in Spain for the next stage of the project, but in the meantime keep watching the David Rohl MySpace page for further information and news.

Remasters On Sale

1st June, 2007

Four of the recent Eclectic BJH remastered CDs are now available at a reduced price. For a limited time, you can buy the remastered editions, with bonus material, of Eyes Of The Universe, Berlin, Face To Face and Welcome To The Show for £9.00 each, including delivery in the UK. See the secure form on this site for ordering info.

Blue Aeroplanes Cover BJH Song

1st June, 2007

The Blue Aeroplanes have released a new CD called "Harvester", which consists of ten cover versions of tracks which were released on the Harvest label, including BJH's "Taking Some Time On", plus songs originally performed by Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, Deep Purple, Kevin Ayers, Wire, etc. 30-second snippets of the tracks can be found on the War Child charity web site, from where you can also buy downloads of the songs, or the CD (released on the EMI/Harvest label, of course!) is available from all the usual outlets.

A Breath Of Fresh Air

20th April, 2007

A Breath Of Fresh Air cover design BJH will feature on a new 3CD compilation, which has been put together by Mark Powell and is due for release by EMI in June. Called A Breath Of Fresh Air, it covers the years 1969 - 1974 and features "Taking Some Time On", "She Said" and Bombadil's "When the City Sleeps". The tracks are in good company with the likes of Deep Purple, Pete Brown's Piblokto!, Roy Harper, Michael Chapman, The Pretty Things, Dave Mason, Third Ear Band, Edgar Broughton Band, Quatermass, Be Bop Deluxe et al.

The real coup is the inclusion of two Pink Floyd tracks: "Careful With That Axe Eugene" (from Ummagumma) and "Embryo" which only appeared on the Picnic sampler and has never been released in Europe with the band's full approval until now. The set comes with a 48 page book, and will retail at around £20.

"Good Love Child" Remix

28th March, 2007

Musician Jon Kennedy has remixed BJH's "Good Love Child" for a forthcoming Harvest label remix album to be released by EMI - hear his take on the song now at and read the Blog at

Web Site Redesign

24th March, 2007

As you may have noticed already, we've given the site a makeover, using a new theme based on the artwork for the classic Gone To Earth album. If any excuse were needed, 2007 marks the 30th anniversary of the release of that million-seller, the most successful album in the band's entire history, so it seems fitting to celebrate that milestone.

As with any wholesale redesign of this nature, there are bound to be one or two teething troubles, so if you find any errors or dead links, or have comments on usability or the site in general, please let us know by e-mailing us at Thanks!

Mandalaband III - A Message from David Rohl

19th March, 2007

As things stand at present (late February 2007) these are the plans for Mandalaband III. However, as is invariably the case with new projects, much can happen twixt cup and lip (especially when Woolly adds his recipe to the brew).

In January of this year Kim Turner flew out to Spain to work with me on some track sketches for a proposed new Mandalaband album. Those of you who are in the know will be aware that this initial get-together marks the first Mandalaband recording session in more than thirty years - probably a world record for an interval between albums. You can hear the backing tracks the two of us concocted at the David Rohl MySpace, URL: along with some other earlier Mandalaband pieces.

But this was not the first chapter in the story of the Mandalaband reincarnation. That began about three years ago when I talked through the idea with Keith and Monika when I visited them in Southampton and then, subsequently, I had a meeting with Woolly at the British Museum (two antiquities, so to speak, meeting up for the first time in what would normally constitute an entire archaeological period, i.e. twenty years).

At the same time, and quite coincidentally, Ashley Mulford (Mandalaband I and Sad Café) got in touch by e-mail to let it be known that he would love to do something musical with me again. So the bones of the ancients were stirring in the ground and a resurrection appeared to be on the cards. Kim Turner, Steve Broomhead, Craig Fletcher (all of Maestoso), plus Dave Irving (of Sad Café) were quick to sign up. A studio band was beginning to take shape. I felt like Moses leading the mixed multitude out into the wilderness in search of the Promised Land. Mandalaband III was rapidly becoming a tribe. More great musicians and vocalists have joined up in recent months but I will keep that under my hat for the moment if you don't mind.

Anyway, the ball is now rolling and the first tracks are being written, recorded and dumped straight into the bin. Eventually, though, we will have enough good material for release - in about a year's time. In fact, it looks like we will be recording two albums simultaneously.

The first is provisionally entitled 'BC' and will be themed on the legends, heroes and great events of ancient history. The second is provisionally entitled 'AD' and deals with legends, heroes and great events of the centuries since the crucifixion. This second album will predominantly focus on the Sangreal and its history over the last 2000 years. If you have no idea what the heck I am rambling on about then just do some internet questing for answers or simply wait for the CDs. All will be revealed. Actually, very little will be revealed as the lyrics of the songs are intended to be doorways to your own personal discovery rather than instruction manuals. On the other hand, you could just forget all this esoteric nonsense and simply enjoy the music. We will prepare a sumptuous table for your repast and you can just eat what you will (or what you are). Of course, the music will be pompous, grandiose, self-indulgent, majestic, myopic and magnificent (I have told Woolly that he has to write with majesty and beauty for M III or else I won't let him play with all the new and wonderful sounds I have gathered together for his pleasure) so you can probably anticipate what sort of hydra we are going to create.

Woolly comes over to the Spanish studio retreat in a few weeks' time and I look forward to updating you on how things went and what we managed to achieve in amongst the cherry blossom.

With best wishes,


Message from Nigel Mazlyn Jones

29th January, 2007

Planet For $ale album cover Hi,

I supported BJH in 1980 and 84. They were good to me as a humble support and very friendly too. John helped me record a version of the song called 'Papa Echo Alpha Charlie' in his studio around that time too.

I have a new album out soon called 'Planet for $ale'. Part of the proceeds, around £2.00 per copy minimum will be going to help young people with environmental education both here and abroad. Funds will be sent to a charity I am a trustee of called Environmental Assistance charity No. 1050677. they will be administrating the funds at no cost.

It costs about £25 a YEAR...!... to educate a child in the developing world. Hence my decision to direct any funds I raise to this cause as the future depends very much on the wisdom of those who are now children.

Love and even Peace...dare we even mention the word peace...? 'Papa Echo Alpha Charlie Echo'

Nigel Mazlyn Jones

Berlin Radio Broadcast

11th January 2007

BJH's legendary Berlin "concert for the people" will be broadcast by German radio station Deutschlandradio Kultur on January, 31st 2007. It's not clear whether this is a playback of the album, or a more complete recording of the actual concert. The programme can be heard over the Internet or via Astra satellite. Here's the web-link for further information (in German):

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