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Content of International BJH Fan Club Magazine, Nova Lepidoptera

NL1 (May 1988)
First official issue, A4; interviews with Alan Freeman and Paul Cox (compiler of Another Arable Parable); the lyrics of John Lees.

NL2 (August 1988)
UK singles discography; GWR Radio interview with Les and Mel; poll results; the lyrics of Les Holroyd.

NL3 (November 1988)
Woolly Special: exclusive Woolly Wolstenholme interview and complete discography.

NL4 (February 1989)
UK albums discography; The BJH Story, part 1 (1967 to 1971).

NL5 (June 1989)
Exclusive John Lees interview, part 1; The BJH Story, part 2 (1972 to 1976); BBC recordings; promotional issues discography.

NL6 (September 1989)
John Lees interview, part 2; The BJH Story, part 3 (1977 to 1980); German discography.

NL7 (December 1989)
The BJH Story, part 4 (1981 to 1989); Various Artists albums including BJH; guest appearances by BJH; cover versions of BJH songs.

NL8 (March 1990)
TV and video appearances; USA discography; Japanese discography.

NL9 (June 1990)
Exclusive Les Holroyd interview; fans' reviews of Welcome To The Show.

NL10 (September 1990)
Exclusive Mel Pritchard interview; poll results.

NL11 (December 1990)
List of BJH concerts, 1967 to 1971; fans' reviews of the 1990 tour; "Hymn" sheet music.

NL12 (March 1991)
List of BJH concerts, 1972 to 1973; BJH on CD; "Berlin" sheet music.

NL13 (June 1991)
Written interview with Les Holroyd; list of BJH concerts, 1974 to 1976; Spanish discography; "The Streets Of San Francisco" sheet music.

NL14 (September 1991)
Exclusive Lindsay Brown interview; list of BJH concerts, 1977 to 1979; story behind The Harvest Years; "Friend Of Mine" sheet music.

NL15 (December 1991)
The story behind the club flexidisc of "Too Much On Your Plate"; poll results; list of BJH concerts, 1980 to 1982; question time with Keith; Writing credits/vocalists on first two albums; "Nova Lepidoptera" sheet music.

NL16 (March 1992)
List of BJH concerts, 1984 to 1990; Australasian discography; BJH equipment list; Face To Face revisited; memorabilia from 1968; "Poor Man's Moody Blues" sheet music.

NL17 (June 1992)
1992 tour photos, press and fans' reviews; collecting BJH records; Barclay James Harvest album portfolio; "Sip Of Wine" sheet music.

NL18 (September 1992)
BJH's BBC sessions and concert broadcasts; transcription discs; Once Again album portfolio; "Stand Up" information and lyrics; quiz; "Leper's Song" sheet music.

NL19 (December 1992)
France and Benelux discographies; BJH And Other Short Stories album portfolio; BJH album sleeve artwork; "In Search Of England" sheet music.

NL20 (March 1993)
Poll results and fans' feedback about the club; Baby James Harvest album portfolio; "Hard Hearted Woman" sheet music.

NL21 (June 1993)
BJH chart positions and sales awards; BJH on CD; Everyone Is Everybody Else album portfolio; "Taking Me Higher" sheet music.

NL22 (September 1993)
NL's guide to Caught In The Light, fans' reviews; tour photos and reviews; Time Honoured Ghosts portfolio; school photos of Les and Mel; "Capricorn" sheet music.

NL23 (December 1993)
A day in the life of IBJHFC; Octoberon portfolio; Caught In The Light poll results; "Loving Is Easy" sheet music.

NL24 (March 1994)
Exclusive John Lees interview; Gone To Earth portfolio; prize puzzle; "Sea Of Tranquility" sheet music

NL25 (June 1994)
Woolly's guide to Songs From The Black Box; poll results; Woolly's Top 10 albums; XII album portfolio; "Spirit On The Water" sheet music.

NL26 (September 1994)
Unreleased BJH songs, part 1; the Harvest record label; Eyes Of The Universe portfolio; Martin Lawrence's Top 10 albums, "The Closed Shop" sheet music.

NL27 (December 1994)
Exclusive interview with David Walker; Turn Of The Tide portfolio; unreleased BJH songs, part 2; David Rohl's Top 10 albums; "Turning In Circles" sheet music.

NL28 (March 1995)
Jill Wolstenholme on the original BJH fan club, FOBJH; the unreleased BJH, part 3; Ring Of Changes portfolio; "Love Is Like A Violin" sheet music.

NL29 (June 1995)
Extensive coverage of the court case between Robert Godfrey and BJH; Victims Of Circumstance portfolio; John Lees' guitar work; "The Song (They Love To Sing)" sheet music.

NL30 (September 1995)
Remastering the Harvest albums for the CD box set; BJH on video, part 1; Face To Face portfolio; "Our Kid's Kid" and "Witburg Night" lyrics; "How Do You Feel Now" sheet music.

NL31 (December 1995)
BJH web site launched; photos and reviews from the October live concerts; poll results; Welcome To The Show portfolio; "Galadriel" and "Untitled No.2" lyrics; prize puzzle; "Giving It Up" sheet music.

NL32 (March 1996)
BJH's single recordings and alternative mixes; BJH on video, part 2; Caught In The Light album portfolio; "A Tale Of Two Sixties" sheet music.

NL33 (June 1996)
BJH on TV; BJH Live and Live Tapes album portfolios; "Child Of Man" and Untitled No.3" song lyrics; "Harbour" sheet music.

NL34 (September 1996)
Studio report on the making of River Of Dreams; Berlin and Glasnost album portfolios; "Brother Thrush" and "Poor Wages" lyrics; "Life Is For Living" sheet music.

NL35 (December 1996)
BJH's support acts; review of Music! The Sound of Oldham exhibition; BJH on screen, part 4; singles portfolio; "Long Ships" and "When The City Sleeps" lyrics; "Death Of A City" sheet music.

NL36 (March 1997)
BJH's producers, engineers and guest musicians; A Major Fancy album portfolio; "On The Wings Of Love" and "Pools Of Blue" song lyrics; "Echoes and Shadows" sheet music.

NL37 (June 1997)
River Of Dreams album portfolio; Knoydart; the 1984 Wembley concert; "Fifties Child" sheet music.

NL38 (September 1997)
First full-colour cover; exclusive Les Holroyd interview; fans' reviews of River Of Dreams; "Ring Of Changes" sheet music.

NL39 (December 1997)
Fans' reviews of 1997 tour; "Shades Of B Hill" song lyrics; "Doctor Doctor" sheet music.

NL40 (March 1998)
Last A4 issue; BJH on sabbatical; tour programmes down the years; "Blow Me Down" and "Stand Up" lyrics; "Waiting On The Borderline" sheet music

NL41 (June 1998)
First A5 issue; the 1970 orchestral tour; BJH on the Internet; "Eden Unobtainable" and "The Joker" song lyrics.

NL42 (September 1998)
Exclusive interviews with John Lees, Les Holroyd and Mel Pritchard about the band's sabbatical; statement from manager David Walker.

NL43 (December 1998)
Exclusive Woolly Wolstenholme interview; BJH's Christian influences.

NL44 (March 1999)
John and Woolly's guide to Nexus; poll results; lyrics to "Rock And Roll Woman", "I'm Over You" and "I Can't Go On Without You".

NL45 (June 1999)
Nexus tour special: fans' reviews of the album and tour; lyrics to "New Song".

NL46 (September 1999)
Tour report; review of Harvest Festival box set; BJH badges.

NL47 (December 1999)
Free Origin Of Pieces CD single with unreleased demos; A Major Fancy on CD; BJH's musical influences.

NL48 (March 2000)
Review of Hallo Berlin TV show; the fan club New Year party.

NL49 (June 2000)
Revival live album portfolio and fans' reviews; the Highland clearances; debate on the Internet.

NL50 (September 2000)
Reprint of first ever Friends Of Barclay James Harvest newsletter; artists influenced by BJH; picture sleeve singles.

NL51 (December 2000)
Free Strangely Mixed CD single with unreleased live tracks and demo; FOBJH newsletter number 2.

NL52 (March 2001)
Tour special: press and fans' reviews; first details of Les's album.

NL53 (June 2001)
UK concerts reports and photos; message from John and Woolly; BJH memorabilia.

NL54 (September 2001)
BJH at Abbey Road session listing; BJH in print; press reviews.

NL55 (December 2001)
Free Au Naturel CD single with unreleased live tracks; obituary for David Walker; the Mellotron; fans' Tribute CD.

NL56 (March 2002)
Free Revolution Days sampler CD; exclusive interview with Les Holroyd and album preview.

NL57 (June 2002)
Revolution Days reviews; song lyrics for "So Tomorrow", "Night", "Need You Oh So Bad", "Small Time Town" and "Dark Now My Sky" 1968 version.

NL58 (September 2002)
The EMI CD remasters; story behind the Caught Live DVD; Mal Tootill on the Gone To Earth artwork 25 years on.

NL59 (December 2002)
BJH Featuring Les Holroyd tour reviews; John Lees' guitar collection, part 1.

NL60 (March 2003)
Last ever issue; John Lees' guitar collection, part 2; MIDI; a brief history of Nova Lepidoptera.

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