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No. 2, June 1977




Dear Friend

Well our number of members is increasing slowly but surely, although we have by no means reached full capacity! Obviously the more members we have, the better, as it will mean we have more scope in the things that we can plan. I am continuing to advertise in the music press, and hope that you too will spread the word to anyone you know who may be interested. I intend to make available leaflets about the club at the gigs on the next tour, and hope that, in this way, we will be able to reach many more people who may like to join.

And speaking of tours, I now have the list of dates and venues of the 16-date British tour. They are as follows:-



Sheffield, City Hall.


Manchester, Palace Theatre.


Birmingham, Hippodrome.



Leicester, De Montfort Hall.


Bristol, Hippodrome.


Liverpool, Empire Theatre.


London, Hammersmith Odeon.


Ipswich, Gaumont.


Southend, Kursaal.


Croydon, Fairfield Hall.


Edinburgh, Usher Hall.


Glasgow, Apollo Theatre.


Newcastle, City Hall.


Oxford, New Theatre.


Portsmouth, Guildhall.


Brighton, Dome.

I hope that you find you will be able to get to some of the gigs. The tour is shorter than usual, as it is planned that the band should record a second album this year and, of course, they will need some time for writing, rehearsing and recording.

The new album is now complete and it shouldn’t be too long before it is brightening up the record shop shelves, but I’m afraid that I can’t let you know the exact release date, as it hasn’t been finalised. I can, however, give you a list of tracks (not necessarily in the order they will appear on the final product).



They are:

"Hymn For A White Lady" - John Lees.

"Hard Hearted Woman" - Les Holroyd.

"Love Is Like A Violin" - John Lees (Nothing like the Ken Dodd song, I’m very glad to report)

"Friend Of Mine" - Les Holroyd.

"Poor Man’s Moody Blues" - John Lees.

"Leper’s Song" - John Lees.

"Taking Me So Much Higher" - Les Holroyd.

"Sea Of Tranquility" - Stuart John Wolstenholme.

"Spirit On The Water" - Les Holroyd.

John’s "Hymn For A White Lady" will be released as a single prior to the release of the album, and will be backed with "Our Kid’s Kid", which is also one of John’s compositions.

The title finally decided upon for the album is "Gone To Earth", the reason for which will become clear when you see the rather special sleeve.

This seems to be a busy year as far as record releases go, as John’s solo album, "A Major Fancy", will be out at last on July 8th, a little dusty perhaps, but every bit as good as when it was first recorded. Contributors to the album are Rod Argent, Kevin Godley, Eric Stewart, Wally Waller, Skip Allen, Gordon Edwards and Graham Preskett. The tracks that you can look forward to hearing are (in order this time):-

"Untitled No. 1"

"Child Of The Universe"

"Kes, A Major Fancy"

"Untitled No. 2"

"Sweet Face Jane"

"Witberg Night"

"Long Ships"

"Untitled No. 3".


I’m still trying to procure some stickers, T-shirts, etc., and sincerely hope that I wont have to keep you waiting too much longer for these goodies. In the meantime, I still have some "Octoberon" posters, badges and packs for sale, if anyone’s interested.



Well, I promised you some prize draws, and this is the first of them. All members are eligible, and the prize winners will be chosen in the time-honoured tradition of pulling numbers from a hat. In this case, your membership numbers will be used, but finding the hat is going to be more difficult!




1) A copy of "Gone To Earth" which will be sent out to the winner just as soon as we receive it. (This may mean that the winner gets it before it is available in the shops, but as I’m not responsible for the wiles and ways of record companies, I cannot guarantee this.)

  • Three prizes of pairs of tickets to a concert on the September/October Barclay James Harvest tour. Each winner will receive two free tickets to the gig which is nearest to his address.
  • 3) A copy of "A Major Fancy"

    The draw will take place on July 20th 1977. All winners will be notified by post immediately, and the full results of the draw will be printed in the next newsletter.

    Well, that appears to be all the news I have to tell you. At the end of this week, w all start a three week holiday, but I will continue to answer your letters during this period. (That’s a holiday??). I hope you all enjoy your summer break, and that you like the new albums we have to offer. No doubt I shall meet some of you during the course of the Tour, and I look forward to that.

    Until then, I wish you well,


    p.p. Barclay James Harvest.


    Late news: F.O.B.J.H. T-shirts soon available. Cream design on brown shirts in sizes Small, Medium and Large. Price £2.25p. Please send cheque/P.O. made payable to F.O.B.J.H. along with the size required, name, address and membership number.




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