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Paper Wings

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Paper Wings (Holroyd/Pritchard)

His crazy frame against the dawn
                            D (sus2)
His hungry leap and ragged fall
   Am               Em   D    C
A suicidal perch is now laid bare
    Am        B              Em
To searching eyes and empty stares

A fearful silence hits the crowd
                              D (sus2)
The air hangs heavy with the sound
     Am                       Em  D   C
Of useless wings against the morning sky
    Am      B                 Em
As paper yields before their eyes

Oh, can you see him now?
 D                      Em
A broken man without a dream
Oh, can you hear him now?
    D                      Em
A futile laugh above the screams

Barclay James Harvest.Everyone is everybody else.1974.

Chords by AMJ.
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