Barclay James Harvest

The Barclay James Harvest Story - Updates

The Barclay James Harvest Story paperback book This page will be used to provide updates for The Barclay James Harvest Story, the biography of the band written by Keith & Monika Domone.

23rd November, 2006
The first edition of the book is now completely sold out. We're now looking at options for the future: rather than reprint the first edition, we will probably provide updated information here initially, then, if demand warrants it, publish a revised second edition at some point in the future.

24th November, 2005
All pre-ordered hardback copies where payment has been received have now been despatched.

28th October, 2005
Publication date for the book. The limited, autographed hardback version will be sent to all those who pre-ordered it as soon as the band are all back in the country and able to sign the books.


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