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Barclay James Harvest Taiwan Albums

(Mostly counterfeit)

1974 Everybody Is Everybody Else [with inserts]				Ya In			AR 10002
1975 Time Honoured Ghosts [blue label, lyric sheet, Chinese on back]	Woodstock		ZC 10014
1975 Time honoured Ghosts [with inner sleeve]				Ya In			AR 5122
1975 Time Honoured Ghosts [with inner sleeve]				Woodstock 		RS1026
1976 Octoberon	[Chinese script on back with lyrics]			Shou Ya 		MCA1099W
1977 Gone to Earth							Polydor 		2460 273 2
1978 Live Tapes	[2LP - gatefold]					Ya In			AR 5047~48
1978 Live Tapes	[2LP - gatefold]					Ya In			AR 10019
1978 Live Tapes	[2LP - gatefold]					Incredible Snd		KS-5060
1978 XII [with inner sleeve]						Incredible Snd		KS-5094
1978 XII								Intern. Record 		GL-7043
1978 XII [Heavy Metal Vibration label]					HMV			A003
1980 Eyes Of The Universe						Polydor			821 1537.2
1980 Eyes Of The Universe [with inner sleeve plus inserts]		????			13
1980 Eyes Of The Universe [different label/cover to above]		Shou Ya			15MP-13
1981 Turn Of The Tide [with inner sleeve]				Polydor 		KP-1016
1982 A Concert For The People - Berlin [with inserts]			New Aspect 		CR-1050
1983 Ring Of Changes [with inner sleeve]				Polydor 		KP 1080
1984 Victims Of Circumstance [with inserts]				Polydor 		817 950-1
1984 Victims Of Circumstance [lyric sheet]				HMV 			A001
1987 Face To Face [with inserts]					Ya In			AR 5193

1980 WOOLLY WOLSTENHOLME - Maestoso					Kolin/Polydor		KP 1018 (2374 165)


2011 Once Again (40th Anniversary Edition, 2CD)				EMI/Gold Typhoon 	50999 070795 28

Taiwan Once Again 40th Anniversary edition 2CD

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