Barclay James Harvest Mail Order

Barclay James Harvest Mail Order

Tribute 2 Barclay James Harvest - Who's Who:


The Contributors:-

David Witts (A Saddleworth Mining Disaster 2004)

David Witts The road to fame and fortune is strewn with the wreckage of aborted endeavours! You can't play guitar well with fingers that corkscrew. Song writing is best left to the lyrically unembarrassed. Singing should not be inflicted on others by the tonally challenged.

Composing via computer sequencer has been my deliverance, MIDI my saviour and keyboards my weapons of choice. A couple of albums of original music, a host of interpretations of BJH's finest and two tracks for the first tribute CD have been the result. Now, in a further unprovoked attack, I have struck again.

Liane Laurier (Out Of The Blue)

Liane Laurier Liane Laurier is a 41 year old Brighton based singer-songwriter originally from The Netherlands but based in Britain for the past 22 years.
The song "Out Of The Blue" appears on her 4-track EP called "The Observer" and can be ordered for £5-00 on 01273 - 541842 (please leave a message). She counts Barclay James Harvest as one of her major influences and is currently working on new demos, as well as playing the drums in a local all-female band. (Thanks, Mel!)

Martyn Thomas Chadwick (The Iron Maiden)

Martyn Thomas Chadwick I was born on the 5th of June 1967 in Langenhagen/Hannover (Germany).
With my mum and aunty playing in a local rock band I became a music-lover from an early age - in about 1984/85 I bought my first keyboard and joined a synth-band called "cetu javu".

Later on I finished most of my musical activities to start a commercial education.

Nowadays I´m only playing for my own, without a professional background ... but music tends to be an essential thing in my life.

Reklov (100,000 Smiles Out)

Reklov The music of BJH has always been a companion of my youth, therefore it has a big influence on my own musical work. Born in '68, I am following my own musical vision which can mostly be described as a blend between German 'Liedermacher' (singer-songwriter) and emotional, melancholic 70's-style soft rock. Last year I made a CD of love songs. All playing and singing is done by myself. Apart from two MiniDisc recorders and a cheap echorder, I don't have any studio equipment. Nevertheless I hope you like the song, being a more 'Summer Soldier'-like version.

Andrew Dougall (After The Day, Don't Let Me Down)

Andrew Dougall I'm a self-taught guitar, keyboard and computer music guy, playing and singing in bands since I was 14 and now I'm 52! I've written more songs than I can count and one day I'm determined to make a CD for my mother!

The two tracks here were both done a long time ago, my eldest son Robert got them out of the cupboard and mastered them for me. He is a bit of a wiz on the guitar himself and knows his way around a music studio.

I discovered BJH by accident when I was at Teacher Training College in 1970. They did a mid week concert in the social hall, I bought a ticket but nearly didn't go. Boy am I glad I did as their music has inspired and enhanced my life ever since. Thanks to BJH. (Perhaps one day John will show me how to get those unison bends in perfect pitch every time!)

The Silent Spring (Say You'll Stay)

The Silent Spring The Silent Spring is a project by Andreas Kubik, born 1973 near Hanover (Germany). Teacher (German Literature and Christian Education). Became a BJH fan in 1986 via the "Berlin" album. Musically active in different bands, projects and songwriting since 1988. Vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar. Additional production, classical guitar, 12-string by Roland Lehmann (who is also responsible for not deleting the strange bell sound...)

Kev Walker (Song For Woolly)

I wanted to convey my feelings about Woolly in a simple song, firstly my sadness at his leaving BJH, (he was always my favourite in the band) and at his retirement from the music industry. His songs like Sea Of Tranquility and Ra always trancended my mind and I wanted to buy into his musical visions. I'm glad he's back, now I can see,"that other part of me". Woolly has been one of my biggest influences musically. After years of teaching music (I play guitar and keyboards) and playing in various bands I'm finally recording my own album which I hope to finish by Christmas.

Clothears (Taking Some Time On)

Clothears Loved and hated for their contribution of "Ursula" to the first Tribute CD, Everyone By Everybody Else, Clothears have done it again, delivering one of the more radically different versions on this album. Only this time, they've managed to find some real instruments for most of the recording. Their opus tries to imagine what "Taking Some Time On" might have sounded like if it had been on Octoberon, but much to Woolly's disappointment the Capriol Singers' vocal performance was removed just in time and shall rest in peace.

Brimble, Davis & Hutton (Back To The Wall)

Steve Brimble .........Keyboards and Vocals
Alan Davis ..............Lead Guitars
Tony Hutton ...........Rhythm Guitar

Steve and Tony also appear on the first tribute CD with their version of "Spirit On The Water".

Bernhard Morbitzer (Titles [A Poor Boy Blues])

Bernhard Morbitzer Meanwhile, I am 36 years old and have been a fan of BJH for about 25 years. The first album I got to know was Gone to Earth, which is still my favourite one. I have seen (and heard!) several concerts in Germany; the first one was on the Face-to-Face-tour in 1987 at the Sporthalle / Cologne.
I have been writing my own words and music for 20 years; by today, my songs have reached a number of about 150. Being the former drummer of a band, I took part in several smaller gigs and in union with another musician I arranged an experimental synthypop-project. Nowadays, I write and play on my own and - considering my very limited technical facilities (voice, guitar and a DAT-recorder) - I'm most thankful for being represented on the second tribute-album of BJH. With pleasure, I will go on writing songs in my favourite sphere "softrock".

Greetings - and dear Mel: YOUR light still remains!

Scarecrow Overdrive (Suicide?)

Scarecrow Overdrive Formed in 1986 by Christof (Topf) Schülke and Robert (Robby) Schönborn
We play a mixture of Folk, Rock and Pop.
Originally we were street buskers and earned our money with that for some time.
For the recording we added a good friend of ours (Mat Pfeiffer) on keyboards.

Christof Schülke: Born 1965, newspaper editor
Robert Schönborn: Born 1963, business man
Mat Pfeiffer : Born 1965, music teacher

The song was recorded in Robby's living room on an 8-track recorder and mastered on a PC using the programme Soundforge.

K-Bal (Child Of The Universe)

Michael NeumeisterRoland Kobel K-Bal are already known for their version of "Yesterdays Heroes" on the first Tribute CD. They are:
Roland Kobel: Technical support, synth drums and percussion, mix
Michael Neumeister: concept, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, all vocals.
This is what K-Bal said about their contribution: "We were not happy with the result of 'Child Of The Universe'. A last minute technical problem necessitated an emergency solution, and the final result is absolutely not what we wanted. Since then, we have found a drummer, and decided to form a band singing cover versions of great rock songs. Our two favourite bands are Barclay James Harvest and Pink Floyd. We will sing other artists' songs, but our goal is predominantly to sing songs by those two bands. That's why the name of K-Bal has now been changed - to Pink Harvest."

Stephen Morgan (Child Of Tomorrow)

Stephen Morgan Stephen has been writing songs since he was sixteen and has hundreds in his portfolio. Being a native of Wales and influenced by the Bee Gees & BJH, Stephen has a natural propensity for writing soft-rock songs combining romantic lyrics with haunting melodies.

In 1990, Stephen was introduced to California producer Don Turney. This led to the release of Storms Of Fate in 1991 and Gifts Of Spring in 1996. Stephen temporarily changed genres to partner with Sandi Hunt to record an album of Insect Songs for children before returning to soft-rock and releasing Blood Of My Country in 1993.

"Child Of Tomorrow" was first released on the album Gifts Of Spring. The title, theme, lyris and piano parts were influenced by "Child Of The Universe". The repeating keyboard pattern and guitar solos were in direct reference to If Love Is King. The lead guitar player, Bob Logan, was told to play "John Lees solos".

Please check out for more information.

Gary's Best Friend (Loving Is Easy)

Gary's Best Friend Gary's Best Friend is:

Dieter Hoffmann - Vocals
Jörg Hoffmann - Guitars
Nick Suhl - Guitars as well
Dirk Latus - Keyboards
Martin Hering-Pownall - Bassguitar
Stefan Zieger - Drums

A brief history...

Gary’s Best Friend was founded back in the early days of the compact disc in Giessen (Germany). They quickly reached fame in the local “live-scene” with their melodramatic folk-rock style. They recorded two albums, appeared on radio and TV for a few times and they managed to perform a short Tour of the UK in November 1995 highlighting a gig at the “Limelight” in Crewe.
By the end of the nineties after not having reached stardom GBF sadly disbanded, but only to reform three year later and record a new cd and play a few gigs for fun.
Meanwhile a fourth album (working title: QUADRO) is in the making and by the beginning of these sessions Dirk and Dieter suggested to contribute a song to the BJH tribute.
The idea was not just to do a cover version, but to give a song a whole new arrangement.
Soon it was decided to perform “Loving Is Easy” in sort of “lounge jazz style”, which seemed to make good sense with the lyrics of the song. So hopefully, you like it, even though it is not really what you expect from a John Lees composition.

Rupert (The BJH Suite, part 4)

Rupert (computer drawing) Rupert was born 7th of January 1965 in Freiburg, Germany, the city he's still living in.

During the 70s he learned to play the guitar and joined bands in school, which lead to a project named "Morgenschein", for which he nearly wrote all the songs. Though he himself always preferred the english language for writing and singing, "Morgenschein" was strictly german and after one album ("Von Anfang an" in 1984, deleted) that was released to good reviews and another that remained unreleased, personal distractions led to Rupert going solo and avoiding the compromising that bands require. He wrote lots of songs since then, played the street for years and, as a job, sold CDs in regular record- and music-shops.

Right now he's planning to produce his first solo-Album with the working-title "GOOD" and playing local festivals and fiests to increasing success. He' s very happy to contribute something special to the tribute-Disc for his favourite Band and thinks that Keith & Monika's choice (out of nearly 47 Minutes material) was really best (the whole Suite consists of seven parts including songs of John Lees and Les Holroyd, too, for he couldn't decide which ones to play and which ones to leave out, but the "Woolly's part" is the most beautiful to him).

Among his musical heroes, beside BJH, are Marillion (with Steve Hogarth singing), Van Morrison (especially 1979 to 1989), Billy Joel, New Model Army (Check out "8"!), T.Rex, Bruce Springsteen, Sting and Bruce Cockburn.

Stephen Turner (titles::revisited)

Stephen Turner Steve Turner discovered BJH accidentally back in the 70s when he bought a blank tape and found that there were some barely audible songs with intriguing titles on the tape. He was hooked. Barclay James became an obsession as Steve collected the band's albums and attended a memorable Manchester Apollo concert in October 1978.

Then came the crushing news of Woolly's departure, and it seemed the heart had gone out of the band. Interest was rekindled by the Nexus project and the opportunity to contribute to this album. Steve hopes that fans will have fun spotting the various lyrical and musical references in titles::revisited.

Marcus Kuberg (Children Of The Disappeared)

Marcus Kuberg Born: 23.12.1974
In: Hamburg (Germany)
Lives in: Norderstedt (near Hamburg)
Occupation: Energy Electronics

Marcus had no musical education; he taught himself to play the keyboards and acoustic guitar. At first, he was much more interested in listening to songs and finding out the notes than in playing them. In 1993, he produced 2 sketch shows together with his friends - they were broadcast under the title "Die Marcus Kuberg Show" on "Offener Kanal Hamburg", a local TV station in Hamburg. For some years, he has been writing his own songs. He also likes to do parodies of songs by other artists with his friends (Michael Kühn, Keyboards, & Finn Jacobsen, Drums & Guitars), and they film their own music video clips.

For the time being, they call themselves "Marc Comountain and his tortured friends". Their musical style is Pop / Rock.

So far, Marcus's ambitions as a musician and the filming are only hobbies because of his job. His greatest dream is to film an action comedy and then produce the music to go with it.

His heroes are BJH, A-ha and Weird Al Yankovic.

Bob & Dazzler (Sip Of Wine)

Bob & Dazzler This track came about as a result of a throw away comment. During a curry and beer night, Bob (Robert Ironmonger) asked 'How would you like to record a BJH track for a fan's tribute CD'?

The results are here for you all to enjoy (?).

We are: Dazzler is Daz Carter, a professional musician with the RAF College Band based at Cranwell in Lincs. He is the voice, the sax player, the piano and most other bits on the track.

The track was engineered by Dave Stansfield and recorded at his studio (in his Conservatory) consuming several beers and all done in a day!!

Bob just turned up, picked a few chords and basked in the limelight.

Micki Scherrer (Music For Our Souls)

Micki Scherrer My name is Micki Scherrer, born on June 1st, 1964. I have been a fan of Barclay James Harvest since I was 15 years old. During the BJH-Tour 1987 I got to know Birgit. Butterflies were everywhere and so we married in March 1992. With our two Baby James Harvests, Nina and Julian, we live in Munich while BJH will live in all our hearts forever. I did "Music for our souls" for BJH (with a little help from Dr. Siggi and Rolf). One of the many special moments was my first concert of BJH in 1982. For me - John, Les, Mel and Woolly have "gone to earth" from another universe.

Die Müll-Boys (Life Is For Living)

Die Müll-Boys from Bavaria Lineup: Fritzi Pumpernickel (squeeze box); Hansi "Meistens" Harmlos (Alphorn, triangle); Wilhelm Grell (six-string, twelve-string, G-string); Berti Falschbier (Mellotron and cowbells); Ludwig Armstreng (trumpet, saxophone), Johannes Grimm (drums and guns). Arrangement: the Lone Arranger.

Although not widely known outside their native Bavaria, Die Müll-Boys have already created quite a stir with their unique versions of formerly popular songs. Who could forget their renditions of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" or the tear-jerking medley of "Candle In The Wind"/"Who Let The Dogs Out"? Unencumbered by musical preconceptions or training, or indeed talent, the boys always provoke a strong reaction at their live shows, even though their sets are generally of short duration - indeed, their reputation has spread widely enough to necessitate a substantial police presence at recent festivals, where exuberant crowds showed their appreciation with the traditional throwing of drinks to the thirsty artists. Their interpretation of "Life Is For Living", which was inspired by Guy Fawkes, can be found on their latest CD, Lieder aus der Erde. Somehow it retains the essence of the original whilst still showing it in a new light.

Tim Beckwith (Negative Earth)

Tim Beckwith Born a fifties child sometime near the early sixties and now in his late forties, I can look back it all so far and say "yes, I was there" - apart from the lost weekend at Blackbushe that is.
We all try to make our mark. I made mine early in life. I was 7. It was with strawberry jam on the freshly hung wallpaper in my room with trains and boats and planes. That was easy to patch over, with just the edges remaining visible to remind me how wreckless I'd been.
Life goes on.

Some climb mountains, some write novels. Me, I'll just carry on digging.
Thanks to Simon Bartlett for playing the drums.

Candle (Medicine Man)

Candle Candle is Mike (vocals, guitars) and Jake (bass, guitars). Both of them have been writing and performing for many years. When Jake moved to Bristol, a mutual friend introduced them and Jake ended up joining Mike's roots-pop band "The Dogs". Some time later Mike decided The Dogs would record a version of "Ursula" for the first BJH tribute album.

Mike and Jake also started working on recording some other material in different musical styles. When Keith and Monika announced that there would be a second BJH tribute album, they thought long and hard about what they could do. Eventually they came up with an idea for a reworking of "Medicine Man", and with the help of a few friends it became a reality. They hope you enjoy it.

Ian Alexander (Vanessa Simmons)

Ian Alexander Age: 40 something...oh well,..44 if you insist.
Based: Glasgow ( for 15 years.... originally an Essex boy)
Guitar fanatic and proud owner of a 1975 Cherry Sunburst Gibson Les Paul!

First got into BJH in 1976 when someone in school brought in Octoberon into the `Common Room' and played it to death. First gig was the Ipswich Gaumont in 1977 and never looked back. Hooked ever since, and been on every UK tour and tried to obtain the most complete collection I could muster ever since.

Privileged to have known good friends through the band and its been good to have been part of the BJH extended `family' enjoying the best music over the last 30 years or so.

The Straw Kite (African Child)

The Straw Kite...anagram of Stewart and Keith are the leftovers of a five piece band, writing material since the reel to reel, now with Cubase, Keith is the technical engineer, dispairing of me (Stewart) with a 'stop me and buy one' lead solo. Lyrics:- pilfered from my wife Eve's poems, cut to fit the the music - losing their meaning - whoops! Music and words from the heart, my daughter M.MUS.BMUS(Hons).DIPABRSM desperately trying to make me read the dots!

Creepshow (Lied)

Creepshow Born: 04 April 1962, Wallsend, England

Musical history:

In the classic Driver 67 tradition, Creepshow (a.k.a. BJH aficionado Terry Luck) makes a one-off appearance on John Lees' Kitchen Sink Drama "Lied", which surfaced on the 2003 re-issue of "Gone To Earth".

Appropriately recorded in Creepshow's kitchen (using the freezer door handle as a makeshift mic stand) this is an attempt to take this dark song into the glacial territory of Lou Reed's album "Berlin", and the similarly themed" Caroline Says II".

The vocal was recorded completely "dry" without reverb, which wasn't the original plan, but adds an uncomfortably claustrophobic feel.

It's low-life meets lo-fi, somewhere in the permafrost …

Colin Hesketh (Beyond The Grave)

Colin Hesketh I have always been an admirer of Woolly's contributions to BJH and his arrangements and vision in particular. One of my favourite songs has always been "Beyond the Grave" and it was with some trepidation I decided to record a version as close to the original as possible,at first in my own home studio but doing the finishing touches and mixdown in a commercial 16 track studio in Rochdale.

Singing and playing all the instruments myself was part of the challenge,especially as keyboards are really my 4th instrument and I usually get relegated to 2nd or 3rd backing vocals when playing live! Drums and percussion were done using electronic Roland V-Drums which helped to create a flat sounding 70's kit, aswell as tympany and orchestral cymbal sounds. Keyboards used were an old Alesis synth and a Korg Triton for the choir sounds.(Sadly a real Mellotron was not forthcoming at the time!).Guitar was done on a "Blade" Strat and bass on my trusty Wilkes 4 string.

Too Late feat. Rolf Leonhardt (One Night)

Rolf Leonhardt Rolf Leonhardt has actively been making music since 1988. With his bands "Forgotten Sons", "Lord Sinclair" and "TooLate" he has enjoyed regional success. As producer and musician in other projects like "Phantomania" and "The Band" he has made his name known in the music business.

- Winner of the Hughes & Kettner Prize 1992

Please see for more information.

David Saingery (Artwork)

David Saingery David designed part of the cover of the first tribute CD, also incorporating designs and ideas by David Witts and Kev Crossley and making them fit together. This time, he designed the entire cover by himself, being ever so patient with last moment changes to running order etc.
David also designed the Peacock logo.
He works for Anthares Design in France (

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