Barclay James Harvest Mail Order

Barclay James Harvest Mail Order

Woolly Wolstenholme and Maestoso Strange Worlds box set WOOLLY WOLSTENHOLME & MAESTOSO - Strange Worlds
Esoteric 7CD set, ECLEC 72636, released 27th July, 2018

Maestoso Black Box Recovered One Drop In A Dry World Fiddling Meanly Grim Caterwauling The Unlost Works

Disc One: Maestoso (1980)

Disc 2: Black Box Recovered (2004)
Disc 3: One Drop In A Dry World (2004)
Disc 4: Fiddling Meanly (2005) - live at The Mean Fiddler
Disc 5: Grim (2005)
Disc 6: Caterwauling (2007)
Disc 7: The Unlost Works - demos and fragments

We're very proud to present a new 7CD box set containing all of the Woolly Wolstenholme and Maestoso albums from 1980's Maestoso to 2007's Caterwauling, plus a bonus disc of over an hour's worth of rare and previously unreleased recordings.

All of the albums are presented in miniature card sleeves with the original artwork, and the bonus disc contains 20 pieces, ranging from two finished recordings which appeared only on the Uneasy Listening compilation, to previously unheard songs and instrumentals in various states of completion, many of which might well have appeared on a new Maestoso release or a John Lees' Barclay James Harvest album, had Woolly not been tragically taken from us. The set comes with a 20-page full-colour booklet including a comprehensive history, and is housed in a sturdy clamshell box.

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