Barclay James Harvest Discography


South Korea

Barclay James Harvest South Korean Albums

1994 Once Again							Si-Wan		SRML 6008
1989 Everyone Is Everybody Else [no photo on back of sleeve]	Polydor		SEL-RG 1224
1994 Everyone Is Everybody Else [CD]				Polydor		DG 0821
19?? Time Honoured Ghosts [CD]					Polydor 	831 543-2
1981 The Best Of Barclay James Harvest [yellow & red label]	Oasis/Harvest 	OLE 388
1982 Gone To Earth						Polydor		SEL-RG 587
1992 Gone To Earth [CD, PolyGram and Universal variants]	Polydor		DG 0016
199? Poor Man's Moody Blues [Gone To Earth with new sleeve]	Munhwa 		MHRL-1251/Creato 2310
1983 Live Tapes [biography in Korean inside gatefold sleeve]	Polydor 	SEL-RG 623
1986 XII [omits "The Closed Shop", "Streets Of San Francisco"]	Polydor 	SEL-RG 808
1982 The Best Of BJH, vol.2 [yellow/red label]			Oasis/Harvest 	OLE 396
1986 Eyes Of The Universe					Polydor		SEL-RG 879
1983 A Concert For The People - Berlin [b/w lyric insert]	Polydor		SEL-RG 613
1983 Ring Of Changes [single sleeve, omits "Midnight Drug"]	Polydor 	SEL-RG 667
1984 Victims Of Circumstance					Polydor		SEL-RG 709
1988 Face To Face ["On The Wings Of Love" replaces "African"]	Polydor		SEL-RG 1066
1988 Glasnost ["African" replaced by "Turn The Key"]		Polydor		SEL-RG 1125
1991 Barclay James Harvest [CD compilation]*			Hanyang		CTAT-3574
1997 The Best Of Barclay James Harvest [CD, tracks as NL]	Polydor		DG 3074
2006 The Collection [29-07-2006]				EMI		EKPD 1284

2008 BJHTTEOJL: Nexus [digipack]				SSG/Eagle	CMDC-8164
2009 BJHTTEOJL: Revival - Live 1999 [digipack]			SSG/Eagle	CMDC-8355

Nexus Korean digipack

Revival Korean digipack
2009 JOHN LEES - A Major Fancy SSM/Eagle CMCC-9088
A Major Fancy Korean digipack

*Track-listing for non-UK album: BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST (Hanyang Records/KCTA CD) Hymn; Poor Man's Moody Blues; Victims Of Circumstance; Life Is For Living; Doctor Doctor; Child Of The Universe; I've Got A Feeling; Waiting On The Borderline; Mockingbird (live); Friend Of Mine; Spirit On The Water;Hard Hearted Woman; Ring Of Changes; Berlin

South Korea Counterfeit Albums

1977 The Best Of Barclay James Harvest [pink cover]		????		OX 206
1977 Gone To Earth [blue cover]					????		SM 873
1981 The Best Of Barclay James Harvest, Vol.2 [pink cover]	???? 		OX 207

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