Barclay James Harvest Badges

Barclay James Harvest Badges

Part 2: Fan Club Badges

In 1977, Woolly's then-wife, Jill, set up a new fan club, Friends Of Barclay James Harvest. In addition to keeping fans informed about new releases and tour plans, the club also produced its own merchandise to be given away or sold to club members. Those who joined the club at its inception received this free FOBJH badge:

Friends Of Barclay James Harvest badge from 1977

By late 1978, a new design of badge was being given to new club members, featuring a variation on the Everyone Is Everybody Else "BJH" lettering and butterfly:

Friends Of Barclay James Harvest badge from 1978

In June 1979, Jill offered fan club members a choice of enamel badges or pendant necklaces using the band logo and butterfly from the second version of the Early Morning Onwards LP:

FOBJH 'Early Morning Onwards' badge from 1979

The next new club badge appeared after Jill and Woolly's departure, with the fan club now being run by Chrissie McCall. The 1981 badge featured a smaller design with hand-drawn butterfly:

Friends Of Barclay James Harvest badge from 1981

Friends Of Barclay James Harvest underwent a "re-branding" in June 1985, using a new logo designed by Nigel Warren. The free round badge given to new members was joined by an oblong enamel brooch which was available for purchase:

Friends Of Barclay James Harvest badge from 1985 Friends Of Barclay James Harvest enamel brooch from 1985

By 1987 the old fan club had run out of cash and published its final newsletter after the release of Face To Face. A new club was then created by the authors of BJH fanzine, Nova Lepidoptera, and a new badge produced to mark the occasion. The green and white design was later replaced by a variation on the same theme in blue and silver:

International Barclay James Harvest Fan Club badge from 1988 International Barclay James Harvest Fan Club badge from 1990

Whilst there were no official badges for the 1990 album or tour, the fan club subsequently produced an enamel badge based on the Welcome To The Show BJH logo, and made it available to club members in 1992.

Welcome To The Show enamel badge

Similarly, in 1993, although a badge had been designed for the tour, it wasn't produced in time, but they were subsequently given away with the December 1993 issue of the fan club magazine and to new club members:

Caught In The Light badge

There are numerous unofficial and home-made BJH badges in existence, which regularly crop up on sites such as eBay. However, it's quite possible that there are other "official" badges out there which have escaped our attention, so please contact us if you find anything which doesn't appear here. Many thanks!

Part 1: Official Tour and Promotional Badges

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