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Barclay James Harvest Thai Singles

Thai EP cover

1976 Rock 'N' Roll Star [EP with Andrew Gold, Alan O'Day, Dean Friedman]		ST. 422

Thai EP cover

1976 Rock 'N' Roll Star/Medicine Man [EP wth Gary Wright, Manfred Mann's Earthband]	EXP. 0318

Barclay James Harvest Thai Albums

1984 Live Tapes [MC]								Polydor 821523-4
1985 The Compact Story Of BJH [MC only]						Polydor	825895-4
1992 The Best Of BJH [MC only]							Polydor 511932-4
1993 Caught In The Light [MC only]						Polydor 519303-4
1997 River Of Dreams [MC only]							Polydor 537576-4

Thai 'Live Tapes' cassette Thai 'Compact Story Of Barclay James Harvest' cassette

Thai 'Caught In The Light' cassette Thai 'River Of Dreams' cassette

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