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Mandalaband III - BC: Ancestors CD cover MANDALABAND III, BC - Ancestors
(Legend CD)



A strange thing has happened. More than thirty years after Mandalaband I and II were released in the 1970s, two new Mandalaband albums are miraculously about to appear, like a mirage on the eastern desert horizon. Four of the principal musicians from the original era are still very much a part of the new project - Ashley Mulford (guitars, Mandalaband I & Sad Café); Woolly Wolstenholme (keyboards, Mandalaband II, BJH & Maestoso); Kim Turner (drums/percussion, Mandalaband II & Maestoso); and David Rohl (writer, engineer, producer & keyboards for both albums). But now the new, third incarnation of Mandalaband has been joined by Troy Donockley (Iona & the Bad Shepherds) on pipes, whistles and guitars; Jose Manuel Medina (Last Knight) on keyboards; Marc Atkinson (Gabriel & Riversea) on vocals; Geoffrey Richardson (Caravan, The Penguin Café Orchestra & the Murray Head band) on violin, viola, flute, clarinet & guitars; Craig Fletcher (BJH) on bass; and Barbara & Briony Macanas on vocals. So far, two new albums have been recorded, on and off, over a two-year period (staring in February 2007) in a small studio atop a Spanish mountain over-looking the Mediterranean Sea. The first 'BC - Ancestors' is scheduled for release in October 2009 on the Legend label. The second 'AD - Sangreal' will then be released in Summer 2010. There are then plans afoot to put the whole show on the road, playing material from both of the new albums and the previous two albums from the 1970s. These are unashamedly 'symphonic' rock albums in which the seven band composers have attempted to create majestic themes, with touches of Celtic and ambient atmosphere, intended to reflect the ancient and medieval world subject matter. The orchestrations are complex and full of depth, with few concessions to the standard four-piece rock band formula. The rhythm patterns are richly textured, drawing from Middle Eastern, African and Celtic cultures. But the melodies are simple, melodic and memorable. We hope you like what you hear.

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