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Woolly Wolstenholme - Black Box Recovered CD cover WOOLLY WOLSTENHOLME - Black Box Recovered (Eclectic Discs CD ECLCD 1007)
(released February 2004)


  1. Deceivers All (different mix)
  2. Has To Be A Reason
  3. Down The Line
  4. All Get Burned
  5. Too Much, Too Loud, Too Late
  6. Even The Night
  7. The Will To Fly
  8. Sunday Bells
  9. Open

    Previously unreleased bonus tracks:

  10. Why Remain
  11. Sail Away - Demo
  12. A Prospect Of Whitby - Demo
  13. Patriots - Demo
  14. Quiet Islands - Demo
  15. American Excess - Live
  16. Lives On The Line - Live
  17. Deceivers All - Live
  18. Bootham Park Elegy

Black Box Recovered was released by Eclectic Records on February 16th, 2004, and includes all of the songs from Woolly's 1982 sessions which appeared on the Songs From CD (although "Deceivers All" is a different version which originally appeared on a compilation called Rime Of the Ancient Sampler - The Mellotron Album). In addition there are nine bonus tracks, including original demos for songs from the 1980 Maestoso album, a previously unreleased song from the 1982 sessions and some live material from an audience recording of a 1982 Męstoso concert in Vienna. Last, but not least, there's a demo of a brand new song, "Bootham Park Elegy".

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