Barclay James Harvest Discography



Barclay James Harvest Irish Singles

1977 Hymn/Our Kid's Kid						Polydor  2058 904
1978 Loving Is Easy/Polk Street Rag (live)			Polydor  POSP 012
1982 Mockingbird (live Berlin, edit)/Rock 'N' Roll Lady (live)	Polydor  POSP 424 (2059 483)

Barclay James Harvest Irish Albums

1974 Everyone Is Everybody Else [UK sleeve]			Polydor  2383 286
1977 Gone To Earth [Irish pressing in UK sleeve]		Polydor  2442 148
1978 Live Tapes [UK sleeve, "Taped Live" on label]		Polydor  PODV 2001 (2478 115/116)
1981 Turn Of The Tide [Irish pressing in UK sleeve]		Polydor  POLD 5040
1983 Ring Of Changes [Irish pressing in UK sleeve]		Polydor  POLH 3

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